Our Committee

Quantess is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a forum for women working in finance and related areas to present and discuss practical, quantitative ideas. It aims to promote discussion and exchange of ideas within these fields through meetings and seminars.

Our key aims are to provide members with access to innovative research, to build a network across organisations and seniority levels, to encourage members to participate and present at meetings, and highlight and promote any contribution to research.

We started with a small group of four people who had a similar observation in 2014 – there are hardly any visible women in quantitative fields including economics. Knowing that they are not mystical beings and indeed out there (at least what LinkedIn told us), we decided to set up events where we promote the work of women working in the field and build a network of professionals across London initially. Today, we organise multiple events a year including conferences, seminars, and catch-up drinks – bringing together a group of ambitious and nice people in our field.

Cherry Muijsson

Cherry puts on many hats in our group as our creative and operating person – a jack of all trades, she acts as main point of communication and sets up the logistics for our events. She doesn’t reserve her all-over-the-place-ness for our group – she could be anywhere geographically through her job as a secret … Continue reading Cherry Muijsson

Catherine Gu

Catherine is the core of the Quantess Group – the one who keeps us together (even as the globe trotter that she is), our social media guru, and the original founder of the group. An economist cum data scientist, she is fascinated by the way new technologies shape the future in quantitative finance and likes … Continue reading Catherine Gu

Nandini Srivastava

Nandini is our point-of-contact for speakers and topics for our events. Next to generally being one of the nicest human beings, she also kicks-ass as an economist and quant – after completing her PhD at Cambridge in the econometrics of the art market (!!!), she’s currently a Vice President at J.P. Morgan.

Steve Satchell

Steve is the patriarch of our group – our chief econometric officer and original sponsor (and occasionally referred to as our bouncer). Steve has sponsored and championed the work of many women working in economics and is a professor at the University of Sydney and a Fellow Trinity College Cambridge. Whenever he’s not taking naps in Isaac … Continue reading Steve Satchell