2020-2021 – Pandemic Online Events

Quantess made the move online during the pandemic, following a short hiatus for us all to find our bearings. We would like to thank all our members who continue to battle through Zoom fatigue to join us for some of the most interesting talks that we’ve hosted since we founded our group. We would also like to thank the speakers for their great contributions, and for helping keep Quantess alive during these challenging times. We hope to be back soon with in-person events. As quants we truly do have our favourite letters and hope we don’t progress to our covariance-matrix favourite Omega!

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A summary of recent online events in 2021 and 2020:

  • September 2021 seminar

Topic: Export, Female Comparative Advantage and the Gender Wage Gap

Speaker: Dr. Alessandra Bonfiglioli

  • June 2021 seminar

Topic: Bayesian Adaptive Experiments in Real Time

Speaker: Desi Ivanova

  • May 2021 workshop

Topic: Workshop on navigating your career

Speaker: Karen Roberton

  • February 2021 seminar:

Topic: Macro Outlook and COVID

Speaker: Dr. Elga Bartsch

  • January 2021 seminar:

Topic: “Personal Values, Responsible Investing and Stock Allocation,”

Speaker: Dr. Marie Brière

  • December 2020 seminar

Topic: “From ad hoc bond-risk measures to variance-covariance forecasts”

Speaker: Dr. Marielle de Jong