April 2016 Event – Behavioural Finance and Forecasts

Quantess is pleased to announce the next seminar on Behaviour Finance by Anastasia Buyalskaya. Get your tickets here!

Many professions, from meteorology to investing, rely on the ability to make forecasts. Yet the accuracy of those forecasts varies widely, and might be what some call the difference between “luck and skill.” Pulling from the behavioural and decision sciences literature, we will identify and analyse the key behavioural biases which affect forecasting decisions. We will then discuss several decision making heuristics which have been used to combat some of these biases – and lead to better forecasting results.

Anastasia is responsible for Behavioural Finance initiatives within Risk & Quantitative Analytics, BlackRock. She focuses on embedding behavioural finance and decision making frameworks into the broader risk management dialogue.

BlackRock has again kindly agreed to host the venue for us. Please get in touch if you are interested to attend. We hope to see you there! Our 2016 Calendar of Events will soon be available.