February 2018 Event – Factor Timing and A Study on Child Outcomes

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a restful and festive holiday season. We are very excited to kick off our 2018 seminars with a wide-ranging line up. Please come join us in our evening seminars throughout the year and follow us on our social media page as we continue to host many fun and engaging talks, with a few relaxing social nights around the City added to your diary.

Our first seminar will take place on 8th February, kindly hosted in partnership with Macquarie. The evening will feature two talks, with networking over drinks and nibbles to conclude. We start with our main guest speaker, Dr. Katharina Schwaiger from BlackRock, on factor timing analysis. We also have the pleasure to welcome Janan Neirami from Greenhill & Co. to share her insights into child outcomes based on her recent dissertation paper: “Is there a trade-off between child quantity and quality? The effects of family size and birth order on child outcomes.”

Please register for this event soon if you would like to reserve a space. On logistics, please arrive early at Macquarie (28 Ropemaker St) from 6pm on 8th February.
*NOTE: Admission will close at 6.30pm to ensure the event starts promptly.