Quantess – February Seminar

We are delighted to welcome you to the first seminar of the year. The event will be held on Thursday, the 14th of February. As many of you already know, we take networking as seriously as learning about new topics so please get to know each other over drinks and nibbles kindly provided by our event host.
The seminar will start with a presentation by Cherry Muijsson who is one of the founding members of Quantess. Cherry is a part of the Financial Markets Advisory group at BlackRock where she is an engagement manager and an expert on missions relating to bank management and public policy. Her interests include exploring the effect of public policy and global trends on investor behaviour. She will share her analysis on the cocoa market.

Her talk will be followed by a talk by Rachel Pownall, who is a Professor of Finance at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Rachel’s research interests broadly cover the realm of understanding investor behaviour. She has a particular focus on art markets and assets with an emotional attachment. Her work has been covered by the European Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization and major newspapers like the Financial Times and the New York Times. Rachel will share her work on how non-pecuniary benefits from investments impact investment decisions.

To ensure your attendance, please register for tickets early through our Eventbrite page. Tickets sale will close by noon Tuesday 12 February.

Please Note: the seminar will start from 6:30pm on Thursday 14th February at Macquarie (28 Ropemaker Street). Admissions to the venue will close at 7pm to ensure the event starts promptly.

Thank you for being part of Quantess! We look forward to having you join us.